Visualization and Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Visualization and Weight Loss

It has been proven that visualization can improve many conditions, among them weight loss. This is how it works. You hold a mental vision of how you would want your body to look like, and subconsciously you will begin to act in a way that will lead you in that direction. You will become more positive about your body and more accepting of your fitness or diet regime. As a result, you might reach your weight loss goals faster and easily.

Using visualization to achieve weight loss has become more acceptable in the past few years. Even though many people don’t understand exactly how it works, it is clear that the body and mind are not as separate as some people tend to believe. It appears that if you wish something, it is very likely to happen – provided it is something that is within your control and attainable. Visualization helps us really desire to lose weight by producing happy and transparent image of our fitter bodies.

Many overweight individuals believe they can’t lose weight. Usually, this belief is expressed out loud. For many people, this belief remains in the subconscious and influences behavior. Anyone who believes that it is impossible to lose weight will be constantly fighting his own negativity when attempting to diet. His mind will keep telling him that a diet is pointless since he cannot lose weight, and that he should go ahead and eat anything he wants. Visualization is the most effective technique that can be used to overcome these negative impulses and thoughts.

If you are filled with negativity, either from the attitudes of family and friends to your diet or from your own mind, visualize yourself at the desired weight as much as you can. This can be very effective in dealing with those negative voices and minimizing their influence. It is important to visualize every day – preferably in the morning and evening. Find a quiet place and imagine your body at the ideal weight. Some people can do that easily, while others might need some help. For instance, people who have photographs of themselves at the ideal weight in the past will find it easier to visualize.

Close your eyes and focus on one part of your body. Imagine it slowly getting thinner in your mind. Then move to another part of your body. It might help if you begin at your head and work your way towards the bottom, or vice versa.

As you engage in your daily chores or work, imagine yourself as already being at your ideal weight.  Create your own affirmations and say them continually in the current tense. For instance, say “I’m happy to be slim and flexible”, not “I can…” With time, you will develop a positive self image, which will help you stick to your weight loss plans. You might find exercise more enjoyable and fatty foods less appealing.

Whereas your weight loss is likely to be gradual, the great thing about visualization is that it offers you an alternative body image immediately. Using visualization and weight loss, you can be happier today.

Visualization and Weight Loss
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