Vitamin A – The most potent Vitamin – Order Now!

Vitamin A – The most potent Vitamin – Order Now!

The Most Potent Vitamin: Vitamin A!

Vitamin A is a product of  a Bi-polar covalent bond that is formed between Hydrogen and Carbon compounds.

Vitamin A contains Retinal which can be converted by the body to retinoic acid, which is very useful for the proper functioning of the eye.

Vitamin A is very important in the working of the retina which is located at the back of the eye, and the availability of Vitamin A in the retina  will improve eye vision.Vitamin A is directly involved in genetic expressions. The retinoic acid found in Vitamin A influences several physiological processes in the body, Complex genetic processes such as Hormonal functioning and Cellular differentiation.

Vitamin A is regarded as an anti-infection and immunity booster. Digestive and urinary tract cells which line up the walls of such tracts function effectively with the abundance of vitamin A and that is my people believe that Vitamin A can cure common cold symptoms.

Vitamin A contains retinol and metabolites which maintain the function of body cells, they contain retinoic acids which help in the development of white blood cells.

Vitamin A helps in the development of Lymphocytes which are responsible for the quick immune response to certain diseases in the body. The T-Lymphocytes are responsible for the regulation of the body’s immune system-they are activated by the presence of Vitamin A.

Deficiency in Vitamin A can result in several birth defects. Embryonic developments largely depends on retinoic acid and retinol. The formation of the eyes, heart and the ears during child birth depends on the regulation by Retinoic acid in Vitamin A.
Vitamin A plays a vital role in red blood cell production.

Stem cells that produce the red blood cells depend on the abundance of retinoids for normal production of the red blood cells. Vitamin A also helps in the mobilization of iron to the developing red blood cells by incorporating Haemoglobin which carries Oxygen in the red blood cell.

Vitamin A ensures the supply of several mineral nutrients which include; Zinc and Iron. A deficiency in Zinc as a result in shortage of Vitamin A will lead to in decreased synthesis of retinol binding protein (RBP). It also result in a decrease activity of the enzyme which release retinol from its storage form.

Deficiency supply of iron to the blood as a result of Vitamin A deficiency will result in Anaemia (shortage of red blood cells in the body). Deficiency of Iron will also impair the growth and development of unborn babies in pregnant women.

Vitamin A and Iron supplements can be given to children suffering from anaemia. Vitamin A deficiency is one of the leading causes of Blindness especially among children.

Vitamin A can also result in the adaptation to night blindness while its severe deficiency will result in Dry eye (xeropthalmia).

Vitamin A deficiencies can lead to several infections. Respiratory disease, measles and diarrhea and several immunodeficiency diseases among children  result in deficiency in Vitamin A. Such children have higher mortality rate from infectious diseases compared to children with sufficient vitamin A in their system.

Carcinogenic disease outbreak on the skin, liver, colon and breast can be significantly reduce with the presence of natural and synthetic retinoids. Natural supply of Vitamin A and supplements can help the body prevent the growth of cancerous cells.

Retinol and its metabolites can help women prevent breast cancer while diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa, acute promyelocytic leukemia, and many others can be treated with the incorporation of Vitamin A in drugs used in the therapeutic treatment of such diseases.

Vitamin A supplying foods can be found ion both animal and plant sources.
Plants such as fruits and green vegetables contain Carotenoids which are an essential parts of Vitamin A. Other food sources include; Cod liver oil, egg, butter, sweet potato, non fat milk, pumpkin, mango, spinach, carrot and many more.

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