Vitamin D – A fat soluble Vitamin

Vitamin D – A fat soluble Vitamin

Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat soluble Vitamin with many qualities. Vitamin D is formed when the cholesterol under the skin is exposed to the ultra-violet rays from the sun. Vitamin D also exist in different forms.

Vitamin D  is most effective in maintaining a good nervous system as well bone growth and development. Its function is similar to that of the Thyroid Hormone. Calcium metabolism as well as regular heart beat are part of the duties of Vitamin D and due to its essential ion bone development, its deficiency will result in rickety bone developments in young kids, poor growth as well as bone deformities such as osteoporosis and joint pain are also indications that Vitamin D is very low in kids.Vitamin D also helps in improving the  body’s immunity against several diseases.

Vitamin D supplements are often recommended for people who are on a low fat diet. Vitamin D  supplement is also recommended for people who have suddenly moved to colder regions where there are less sunshine.

Vitamin D supplements and drug formula can be given to people suffering from Psoriasis  which is a skin disorder which causes rapid cell divisions in skin wounds. This has given medical experts some bit of information on how well Vitamin D can help treat skin and prostrate cancer cases.

Most of the Vitamin D content needed by the body can be found directly from sunlight. They can however be gotten from several food sources such as Egg yolk, Dairy products, fish oil, and liver oil. It will be ideal to note that several medications and chemical interactions can affect the effectiveness of Vitamin D in the body.

Long-term treatment with anti epilepsy medication for instance can affect hepatic metabolism of vitamin D while Cholesterol reduction medications can also affect the adsorption of vitamin D in the intestine. People that are taking heart medications are also warned strictly on taking Vitamin D supplements.

Vitamin D has been found to aid the assimilation of nutrients such as Calcium and Phosphorous in the digestive tracts on the human system.
The para-thyroid glands  regulate the Calcium level in the blood-Vitamin D helps these glands to function effectively.
Pregnant women need to consume Vitamin D because it is essential in the formation of teeth and bones during pregnancy.

Vitamin D exist in more than ten different forms and the most popular forms are; Vitamin D2 and D3. Vitamin D is soluble in fat and not in water.

Vitamin D deficiencies could be so harmful to the body.  Strong deficiency of Vitamin D has been linked to tooth decay, poor bone formation in children, retarded growth, soft bones pyorrhea, and several other bone deformations.

Other severe results from Vitamin D deficiency includes; general muscle weakness, reduced ability of the body to absorb minerals, premature ageing, lack of vigor and the inability of the bones to calcify properly.

Vitamin D also helps in the prevention of the type 2 diabetes, as well as other life threatening diseases such as Hypertension, breast cancer, heart diseases, Ovarian cancer and Osteoporosis.

There are several indications that give one the sign that the Vitamin D content in the system should be increased. When you have constant pains in your bones, and frequent bone fractures, you may need to see your doctor as these are some of the major signs of Vitamin D deficiencies.

Foods like Sardines, Salmons, Shrimp and milk cods contain a huge deposit of Vitamin D, these foods can be taken especially by people who are not living in places where there are abundance sunshine.

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