Vitamin H Information

Vitamin H Information

Vitamin H is also known as Biotin and is one of the B Vitamins. Deficiencies are rare but when they occur can cause hair thinning and hair loss, and dry scaly skin.  Therefore Vitamin H is a common ingredient in cosmetic products since it helps to grow strong nails and hair. However the main function of Vitamin H is the role it plays maintaining healthy body metabolism.

There are several vitamins that are available for your body, all which serve different purposes in helping you to stay nutritious.  Each of these vitamins will move through your system and be absorbed in different areas.  From here, they can help with the overall functioning of different target areas in your body.  Knowing about the different vitamins and supplements will allow you to find the right types and amounts of vitamins that you need for proper and energetic functioning.

Vitamin H is found in several different types of foods, including grains, cheese, milk, yogurt, and other dairy products.  It is also found in several different types of meats, and is especially high in liver and fish.  If you do not eat these types of foods, then it is important to make sure that you are getting Vitamin H either through a supplement or multi-vitamin, as a lack of Vitamin H can cause your body to not be as balanced.

Vitamin H is best obtained from whole foods as processing can destroy Vitamin H. However bodybuilders or others that consume raw eggs need to be aware that raw egg whites contain a substance that binds with Vitamin H and prevents it’s uptake by the body.

Vitamin H is also considered to be a biotin, meaning that with water, it becomes soluble.  Usually, bacteria in the intestine will create biotin after the Vitamin H has moved through the body.  This will then move into the kidneys, liver, brain and adrenal glands.  From here, the vitamin can be used as needed for proper functioning.  If Vitamin H is boiled in water, however, it will lose its ability to function properly.  Vitamin H is considered to be non toxic and has a low rate of side effects.

The main purpose of biotin, or Vitamin H is to help with the metabolism functioning.  It will help in digesting the particularly hard foods, such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  When these move through your body at a quicker pace, it allows for you to be able to remain balanced easier.  It also helps in maintaining weight.  The vitamin also has several secondary functions.  In particular, it can help with growth and development of bones, hair and skin.  It is also known to increase response time in nerves and sex glands.

If you are taking Biotin, you should make sure that you are taking the right amount and that it is balanced with other types of vitamins.  If you are taking other types of drugs or medication, then the level of Vitamin H that you take will need to be increased.  You should also be taking other vitamin supplements with this in order to balance out your system.  This includes vitamin B, folic acid and vitamin C.  This will help for your body to remain balanced in circulation and functioning of nerves as well as other areas.

Vitamin H is a powerful and important vitamin in the functioning of your body.  With Vitamin H, you will be able to increase your metabolism, as well as help with other secondary areas of your body.  By knowing what the needs of your body are, as well as knowing how to react to this, you can make sure that you get the proper amounts of Vitamin H in your every day diet.  Looking out for ways to eat or supplement Vitamin H will add balance to your diet and health.

To ensure you receive an adequate daily supply of Vitamin H, eat a diet rich in nuts, eggs,  brewers yeast, and oat bran.  Your diet may also be supplemented with Vitamin H in tablet form either as a single supplement or as part of a B complex vitamin. Vitamin H is most commonly called Biotin on product labels.

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