Echinacea: Aid to common colds and natural antibiotic
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Echinacea: Aid for Common Colds and as Natural Antibiotic

Herbal extracts and ancient medical treatments date back centuries.  Herbalists over the years have used a variety of plants and plant extracts as part of their potions and natural cures. Echinacea is another plant extract believed to have properties to help reduce your chances of getting the common cold and assist as a natural antibiotic. […]

Minerals Compendium - A Guide For Women Of All Ages

Minerals Compendium – A Guide For Women Of All Ages

Minerals (also called elements) are as vital to your health as vitamins. Everyone has heard that you need calcium for strong bones. Did you know chromium helps break down fats into (good) HDL cholesterol? Since you’re here at our site we know you care about your health. The information you read on this site is […]


Fish Oil Vitamins for Pregnant or Nursing Women?

WHY FISH OIL IS ESSENTIAL? The good effects on fish oil to the health of people have been studied for more than 30 years and they have been undoubtedly proven beneficial. And we know that fish oil vitamins are only source of omega 3 fatty acids and it has good impact on our health as […]

Goji Berries – Natures Super Food

Goji Berries – Natures Super Food

Goji Berries are an exotic superfood that originates from Asia. The goji berry is also sometimes referred to as Wolfberries or Lycium Barbarum. In many parts of Asia, goji berries have been popular for a number of years and have been consumed for their medical and healing properties. However, it is only recently that they […]

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Caralluma -Your Most Effective Aid In Getting Rid Of Fats For Good

If you are having problems on how to get rid of fat and you are browsing on the Information Highway for some other solutions other than what you are already aware of or used, you have probably come across with the term Caralluma Fimbriatai. If you have heard of Hoodia Gordonii, a succulent plant, you […]

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Natural Supplement Guide

No matter how well we eat, or think we eat, it’s a good idea to get an extra edge on nutrition with the best vitamin and mineral supplements. It’s like insurance. It’s protection. Even when we’re pretty sure we’ve got all the bases covered, “health insurance” in the form of quality, natural supplements is a […]

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Herbal Dietary Supplements

Herbal dietary supplements are prepared from plants and often use the leaves, stem, roots, bark, buds, flowers and fruit of the plant. Many plant parts can be used in their natural form or they can be air-dried and ground into a powder that can then be pressed into tablets, powders or encapsulated. Many herbs have […]

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Herbal Nutrition

Herbal nutrition is simply about the use of plants, plant extracts, or plant preparations to help promote good health and well being. Herbs and plant-based foods provide a lot of nutrients and antioxidants. What we like about herbal nutrition and alternative therapies is that they help to enhance the body’s natural ability to fight disease […]