Skin Problems & Care

Cranberries – Age Spot Reducer

Many people think that you should use cranberries as a possible age spot reducer. The theory here is that you create a “paste” of those cranberries and then apply it to the parts of your body where the age spots appear. Normally, this is on your hands as well as your forearms and so they […]

Quick Weight Loss

Benefits of Capsicum Weight Loss

For centuries it’s been a well documented fact that the well-known hot red pepper may contribute to weight loss. This plant is called Capsicum in Latin or Paprika in German. In different English-speaking countries it’s known variously as either Chili pepper or Cayenne pepper. Over the last few centuries scientists and industrialists have conducted various […]


Capsicum Frutescens Plant

Capsicum Frutescens plant is a type of chili. This plant originates from South America, but now cultivated in many countries worldwide. Plant lives a short time and has a red fruit. Description As experts say , Cayenne or Capsicum derives its name from the Greek word “bite”, thanks to the properties of hot spicy fruit […]