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Von Miller is one elite athlete who won’t be turning muscle into fat when he ceases his Von Miller workout regime! That’s because the Denver Broncos’ outside linebacker is very careful these days about what he puts in his mouth. He wasn’t always that way though. A college lifestyle often leads to college eating habits and Von was no different. That all changed when he turned pro and realized that the life of a pro footballer was a bit different to playing college football.

Exhaustive Von Miller Workout Hasn’t Tamed A Rebellious Soul!

Von Miller Workout - 3Young Von was also a bit of a renegade in his college days. He was suspended at one stage for his habit of skipping class and lackadaisical performances during training. Von wanted to transfer but was talked out of it by his father. The discipline worked though because Von knuckled down after that. The results since speak for themselves with a host of awards and records.

It has to be said though that Von hasn’t completely turned into Mr Goody Two-Shoes! He was suspended for 6 games in 2013 for ‘violating league policy’. Turns out he is alleged to have tried to cheat a drug test. In 2012 he was cited on driving related charges and the following August was arrested after failing to appear in court to answer to those charges. The following month he was caught speeding and driving whilst his license was suspended.

In April 2018 he illegally caught a hammerhead shark off Florida. It was released back into the sea but not before Von posed for a photo with it. Unfortunately he made the mistake of posting the photo on social media and it made headlines. It also incurred the wrath of PETA and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Von Miller Workout With Weighted Vests

Von Miller Workout - 2Von Miller is noted for his strong legs. An interviewer once asked him what sort of things he did to develop them. Seems it has more to do with genetics than anything. Both his parents have sturdy legs and he simply inherited the right genes to get them too. Von however does know what type of workout he needs to do to retain the explosiveness off the scrimmage he’s noted for.

One of the ways he does it is by wearing a weighted vest in some of his workouts. He does stair jump squats with one on for example. These vests weigh 20 pounds so they’re not exactly light. Then for good measure he also runs up sandy hills in one. It’s training that really works his legs and core. The result is that he’s fast, very fast, off the scrimmage line.

Von currently has 5 Pro Bowl invites, a Super Bowl MVP and a host of NFL records. Therefore it’s safe to say that Von Miller is probably one of the best outside linebackers the game has seen thus far.

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