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How Long Should You Wait Between Prohormone Cycles?

Many people that use prohormones want to do multiple cycles. Let’s face it – when you feel awesome and get the best results you’ve ever experienced, you want to do it again! Although that is a normal response, there is a limit to how often you can do a cycle of prohormones while continuing to get results without side effects.

As a general rule, the bare minimum amount of time you should wait between prohormone cycles is 4 weeks. This is a very short period of time when you consider the prohormones may have effects up to two weeks after you stop taking them, which only gives your body an other two weeks to reset the HPTA axis and get back to normal.

This is the reason why good PCT is so important. You need to get your natural hormone production ramped up to normal levels before taking another prohormone supplement. Without a good PCT supplement, this could take longer than 4 weeks, and for some individuals it may not happen at all.

Ultimately, we recommend you take a little longer between cycles, with an optimal time of 6-8 weeks. Every person is different, so when you feel like you are back to normal, that is a good indication your system has been “re-booted”. After that, I personally recommend you wait another 1-2 weeks.

If in doubt, err on the side of being conservative, and wait a little longer. This will decrease your chance of having negative side effects, and ensure you get better results from your next prohormone cycle.

How Long Should You Wait Between Prohormone Cycles?
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