Weight Loss and Exercise – Fat Burning Exercises

Weight Loss and Exercise – Fat Burning Exercises

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Fat burning exercises are an effective means to reduce body fat, get a trim body, increase your energy level, and boost your overall feelings of well-being, not to mention saving you from the potential health problems that can come with being obese. The health of anyone who is overweight can benefit greatly if they can find a way to lose weight that fits into their lifestyle.

But let’s face it – many of us just don’t want to do exercises to lose weight. We may find exercise routines boring, especially if you have chosen to work out at home, or we may just find it difficult to fit a workout routine into our already fast-paced, busy day. After all, exercise routines require a certain amount of dedication and persistent effort.

Fortunately there are so many different types of exercises that burn fat that, with enough searching and trying different things, most people will find something they enjoy enough to stick with for more than a few days – until they get bored with it.

For the most part, exercises that give you all the benefits mentioned above are generally cardiovascular in nature meaning that they get your heart rate up, increasing the body’s metabolism, but don’t require that you work your muscles against weight resistance.

Exercises such as running, rowing, volleyball, tennis, horseback riding or cardio machines all fit into this category, as do low impact exercises such as a brisk walk or jog.

The only drawback to cardiovascular workouts is that you have to do them for long periods of time to see results.

But if the goal is to workout less and see greater fat burning, what then? It may feel like working out at a cardio activity for longer periods of time will burn even more calories, but in fact recent research has found that muscles and your metabolism will become accustomed to the consistent workload that you impose each time you exercise for 30 minutes. So eventually, working out for extended periods of time really doesn’t cause you to burn more calories.

Workout Routines That Confuse Muscles

Researchers advise confusing your muscles rather than doing the same exact workout routine every time you exercise. Basically they are advocating the same routines that high school and college coaches have been teaching for years – except they called it interval training.

Interval training means mixing high intensity bursts of exercise with periods of lower intensity movements, with the high intensity periods being slightly shorter in length than the lower when you first start to introduce your body to this type of workouts. Training this way gives you the benefit of both aerobic and anaerobic training simultaneously.

Using interval training, the body alternates between moderate and intense, long and short cardio workouts rather than indulging in one long cardiovascular session. And you’ll find that interval training is actually more fun than doing the same workout routine, at the same pace, for the same amount of time, on the same days of the week, week in and week out.

You can change the actual fat burning exercise routine that you use or you can incorporate weight work a couple of days a week to confuse your muscles even more. This muscle confusion leads to more weight loss, greater fat burning, and more toned muscles.

Using interval training, your body can continue to burn calories for another 24 hours after you’ve completed the workout. And for ultra -busy people, that added benefit means that you can workout 3 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes per session instead of five times a week, and yet receive the same benefits.

Another important factor, especially for women, is that intensive workouts like weight lifting is not just for men; even women can do them. In fact, as a woman matures, upper body muscle strengthening is very important. And as the weight training builds muscle, more calories are naturally burned around the clock because muscle burns more calories than fat does, even while you are at rest.

You may think that you will have a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger if you do weight lifting, but actually the opposite is true. Building that kind of body requires more than intense workouts and different hormone levels than are usually present in a woman’s body.

One other exercise program you might consider in your plans to burn more fat with less exercise is the Pilates weight loss exercises. Pilates exercises can be performed at home on a simple mat, or if you prefer using exercise equipment, there are the Pilates machines that should fit the bill. But whatever exercises to lose weight you choose, don’t complicate it! Keep your weight loss exercises simple and basic and you might be surprised by the quick weight loss and just how fast you burn fat and turn that ‘fat’ belly into a ‘flat’ belly!

Weight Loss and Exercise – Fat Burning Exercises
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