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Weight Loss and the Medications that You Take

A healthy lifestyle and weight is something that many individuals will want throughout their lifetime, but there may be one very surprising habit that is affecting their weight without anyone ever knowing it: their medication.

This is why it is important for everyone to not only understand all of the affects that their medication could be having on their weight, but also some of the easy habits that they can engage in to remain as healthy as possible while taking these important medications.

There are a few key types of prescription medications that have either been linked to gaining weight or closely tied to it. One of the most common medications that have could potentially cause one to gain weight is antidepressants.

Many patients that go on a battery of antidepressants may notice that their weight fluctuates by as much as 20 pounds or more.

Another common type of medication that could cause a patient to gain weight is birth control.  There have been countless rumors that all birth control will affect one’s weight, but only a few specific types have actually been confirmed to cause one to gain weight. This is why all women should speak with their doctor before choosing which birth control may be right for them.

In order to keep in a healthy weight range while taking these types of medications, it is important for the patient to set out a plan beforehand. This will include maintaining a healthy level of exercise as well as keeping a close eye on the foods that one eats during this period.

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Weight Loss and the Medications that You Take
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