Weight loss does not have to be difficult!
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Weight loss does not have to be difficult!

Planet Supplement is dedicated to providing the truth about diet, weight loss, exercise and health in general.  I find that most people are very confused about the subject due to all the conflicting information on diet and exercise.

It seems that so many of us are working with some very misguided beliefs and paradigms. We have been taught that losing weight and exercise is a hard thing – that healthy eating means being sentenced to a life of eating nothing but lettuce. Furthermore, that in order to be healthy we have to exercise for an hour a day, doing boring cardio.

Well I am here to tell you that this is not the case.

Weight loss does not have to be difficult, and exercise does not have to be hard, strenuous or boring!

In fact, when done correctly weight loss can be natural and easy. Easy because we don’t have to do anything except monitor what goes into our bodies, and our bodies accomplish the job of losing weight.

You see if we are operating under the assumption that weight loss has to be difficult, if that is our belief or paradigm, then guess what – it will be difficult (the Law of Attraction). But if we are able to change our paradigm, our belief system, to one that loves healthy foods, then weight loss will be easy and natural.

So what are some of the beliefs that can absolutely change our results when trying to lose weight?

  1. Healthy food is not only good for me, it tastes good as well and gives my body what it needs to be healthy.
  2. I love eating healthy foods because they give me energy and make me look and feel my best.
  3. I love my body and don’t want to pollute it with foods that do not support my health.
  4. I can eat what I want and not gain weight. (Don’t you know people like this?)
  5. I enjoy trying new foods and eating in a way that helps me maintain my ideal weight.

This is not an exhaustive list, but can you see how adopting these beliefs would greatly enhance your experience with weight loss.  These beliefs or this paradigm shift can take the dread out of the word “diet”.  In fact, we need to take the word diet out of our belief system as well.  Why do you think we have the belief that going on a diet is hard anyway?  The word DIE, is part of the word diet.  The standard American diet (SAD) is a diet.  A diet is what we eat on a consistent basis.  Most Americans consistently eat food which are overly-acid, acidic foods which are highly processed and filled with sugar and fat (the bad kind).  Ever hear the saying, “dead foods, dead body”?  Most people do not realize that sugar is acid!  And according to Dr. Robert O. Young, acid equals aging.  What is more is we have been programmed to like these foods. If you don’t believe me, watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on ABC.  See what we are feeding our school kids.  Pizza for breakfast?  Again popular belief says that all the “good” foods are bad for you.  Remember that is a belief, that is not necessary true.  So the best thing you can do to assist your weight loss goals is to really take a look at some of your beliefs about food, and try to change these beliefs into ones that support your health, not undermine it.  Become aware of how certain foods make you feel.  Let me ask you this – how do you feel after eating a few slices of pizza?  Does it give you energy or does it deprive your body of energy?

In terms of exercise, many of the same things apply.  Many of us believe that in order to maintain our health we need to run a marathon.  Or we need to exercise to the point of exhaustion.  “No pain, no gain” is a popular belief that is not true.  Do you know why you experience pain in the first place?  ACID.  That’s right, exercise creates acid in our systems.  Without acid there would be no pain.

Weight loss does not have to be difficult!
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