Weight Loss and Exercise – Cycling
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Weight Loss and Exercise – Cycling

Many of us struggle with being overweight and have difficulties with knowing where to start in order to improve our fitness level and lose weight. One beneficial activity is cycling which is a great cardiovascular activity that increases endurance and builds muscle at the same time.

First, cycling is suited for those at all fitness levels. Beginners and advanced exercisers alike can participate in cycling. Cycling can be done outdoors on an actual bike or done indoors in the gym, or even in the comfort of your own home.

Cycling is also customizable to each individual’s fitness level. A beginner might opt for riding on a flat road for a shorter duration of time whereas someone more advanced may choose a hilly terrain. Indoors, gym bikes have different levels that vary the resistance on the bike.

There are a variety of different bikes to choose from based on your interests. Outdoors, one can participate in mountain biking, road biking, and bike racing, while indoors, one can choose from upright, recumbent, and Spinning bikes.

One activity that is very popular in gyms throughout the country is Spinning, or indoor cycling class. This indoor class is done on a stationary bike to music and mimics real-life terrain. The rider goes through a series of “rides” such as sprints, hills, climbs, and flat roads.

Spinning classes are great because they can burn a lot of calories in a short period of time and they’re also fun. Spinning is great for those that often become bored at the gym or need a little extra motivation. For those who prefer to wear bike shoes, many Spinning bikes have pedals that accommodate SPD and Look cycling shoes.

Next, cycling for fitness is a great way to cross train too. Runners, swimmers, and other athletes incorporate cycling into their fitness routines. Also, those that have impact related injuries from running, for example, can cycle and achieve the same intensity level without the leg pain. Because cycling is low impact, there’s minimal stress on the joints.

Finally, consult with your physician prior to starting cycling or any other fitness routine. Don’t forget to have fun!

Weight Loss and Exercise – Cycling
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