Weight Loss Exercises And The Golfer’s Elbow
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Weight Loss Exercises And The Golfer’s Elbow

In our desire to lose weight, we often turn to weight loss solutions such as diets that will help us out in this area, but many of us also like to include a rigorous exercise regime to speed the process along. And there are many different ways we can accomplish that part of our weight loss program.

For instance, some people like to workout, either in the gym or at home, others like different types of sports, and still others are content to just add a walk around the block to our exercise routines.

All of these methods are wonderful ways to help us to lose the weight, but just keep in mind that some, and probably all, methods of working out come with a certain amount of risk, so it’s important to be careful and take proper precautions anytime you are working out or participating in sports activities. It’s not uncommon for those who do weight loss exercises on a regular basis to have injuries such as pulled muscles or sprained ankles, but how about ‘golfer’s elbow’. Have you heard of this one?

This is an arm injury that is similar to, but not as popular as, tennis elbow. What differentiates the arm disorders is the location of damage. In tennis elbow, it is on the lateral epicondyle, as for golfer’s elbow, the point of damage is on the medial epicondyle. All of its signs and symptoms which include swelling, inflammation, bruising (not always present), stiffening of the arm and of course, that unrelenting pain are all the result of the repetitive use of the forearm, arm, wrist and finger flexors.

Golfer’s elbow is a type of tendinitis. It can be caused by a single or collected trauma because of the overuse or repeated abuse of the tendon, and thus leads to mild to severe pain. This type of arm injury is extremely common, especially if the duration or the intensity of contributory activity is amplified. No one is immune to this injury.

Apart from playing golf, which is being considered as one of its main contributing factors (hence the term “golfer’s elbow”), there are also other sports as well as work-related activities which can lead to the development of this condition. Carpentry, for instance, wherein a person is required to forcefully make use of hand tools for extended periods of time, is an occupation that has frequent occurrences of this condition.

Then again, long term disability rarely happens with this condition, just the same as that of tennis elbow. Simple treatments such as rest in conjunction with physical therapy are often more than enough to overcome this condition. Surgical procedures are oftentimes unnecessary for this type of injury. Other golfer’s and tennis elbow treatment options include the following;

  • Intake of NSAID’s or Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Following correct swinging techniques and/or changing of gears or equipment
  • Cortisone injections (note: this will only be advised if conservative forms of treatment have been proven unhelpful)

The addition of any kinds of exercise routines to your weight loss program is definitely encouraged, but be aware that injuries can occur and just be prepared to do what is necessary to prevent as many as possible.

Weight Loss Exercises And The Golfer’s Elbow
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