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Weight Loss Myths That Everyone Should Know – BMI Body Mass Index Calculator

Certain beliefs on weight loss have been ingrained for so many years that many individuals are not able to distinguish fact from myth when it comes to shedding pounds.  Here is a look at some of the most pervasive myths and how they can be avoided for those that would like to slim down and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to exercise, almost everyone is told that the key to losing weight is staying within the “fat-burning zone” of 50 percent of their maximum heart rate.  While this range does burn quite a bit of calories, it is not necessarily burning up carbohydrates.  Modern research shows that high intensity training for shorter periods targets the carbohydrates that are going to lead to dramatic weight loss.

When it comes to one’s food intake, most diets aim at cutting carbohydrates or regulate caloric intake.  Every individual should keep an eye on these, but it is also important to ensure that the right nutrients are being taken in at the same time.  Many may find that proteins or other important substances are slowly being cut out of their diet as well, and this can lead to a more difficult path to weight loss.  Before cutting calories or carbs is considered, everyone should ensure that their diet is balanced with the right vitamins and nutrients.

Weight loss and a healthy lifestyle may not come easy to all individuals, but with a few simple steps and some patience, it is always within reach.

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Weight Loss Myths That Everyone Should Know – BMI Body Mass Index Calculator
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