Weight Loss Solutions – Laser Liposuction Surgery
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Weight Loss Solutions – Laser Liposuction Surgery

There is no surprise that liposuction is a highly sought-after treatment as a means of reducing excessive body fat. Traditionally, patients were exposed to some very serious risks or side effects of liposuction. However, with the improved accuracy and precision of the laser, most of these risks have been reduced significantly while some have been eliminated altogether.

Laser liposuction surgery is a way in which body fat is drained with surgery, utilizing a purpose built laser contained within a tiny instrument called a ‘cannula’. This type of surgical procedure offers results similar to conventional liposculpture, although it is normally recommended for smaller areas of the body.

These days, this procedure has turned out to be in demand for use for facial liposculpture, as an effective means of re-defining the jaw line. It often is especially valuable for chin liposculpture or liposuction and removing the repellent turkey neck that will affect most of us once we age.

Even though laser fat removal is much less invasive than normal liposuction or liposculpture, it is still a surgical procedure. As a result, it can incur the same risks as most surgeries, together with some risks that are restricted to this procedure.

With any type of liposuction, the most frequent liposuction risks and side effects are bruises, infection, hematoma (blood blood congregating beneath the skin) and scars. The much less regular risks are extreme blood loss and possible burns to the skin although it appears that most acute lipo complications are usually exceedingly rare from laser lipo.

One area where laser lipo greatly benefits patients is after the surgery during the liposuction recovery period. Since the procedure causes fewer traumas to the surrounding tissue, there is less damage to recover from. All patients should expect low or moderate levels of pain as well as discomfort for up to one or two days following this type of lipo surgery, and normally people are able to get back to work after just a single day of rest.

Weight Loss Solutions – Laser Liposuction Surgery
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