What Food Can and Can’t Do – Guide to Healthy Weight Loss
Weight Loss

What Food Can and Can’t Do – Guide to Healthy Weight Loss

Fueling Emotions

Overeating is never the solution, no matter what the problem. It only leads to more problems. Overeating can’t heal a broken heart or make you more comfortable at a party. All that it can do is add on more pounds.

What Food Can and Can’t Do

Food is excellent for supplying nutrition, energy, and sensory delights, but it does not have magic powers. It can’t heal a broken heart. It can’t make a skinned knee stop hurting. People turn to food to do the impossible—to make emotional pain go away, to avoid loneliness, and to improve high-anxiety moments. People want food to solve some basic issues of life. It can’t. It has no power.

You have the power to do those things. If you have ever hoped that food would solve things, just remember how disappointed you were when the food failed you. Perhaps you have returned to food again and again, seeing if whether things have changed and that somehow food could solve anything.

By now, you absolutely know it can’t. But are you still hoping? This kind of hope is terrifically fattening. Give it up. Find wiser ways to solve life’s problems.

Food and Love Get Confused

Food is also not the same as love. Certainly, we prepare food for our families because we love them, but whether they eat the food has nothing to do with whether they are accepting of our love. Ditto for someone preparing food for you. You are not required to eat everything just because someone made it for you. Show your love in many other ways and let food be just food.

What Food Can and Can’t Do – Guide to Healthy Weight Loss
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