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Weight Loss Surgery

What Is Bariatric Equipment?

Bariatric equipment is a general term to refer to the device used by the overweight to support themselves. Bariatric equipment is usually designed to hold people who are 100 to 1000 pounds overweight.

Bariatric equipment extremely useful in the bathroom and bedroom.

One of the most useful equipment for bariatric bath safety is the bath bench. This bath bench straddles the edge of the shower or tub. The bather must sit down outside the bathing area, and scoot across the edge of the shower or tub to the other half of the bench that is inside. Bath benches are specially designed to prevent slips and falls. The user can shower (with a detachable shower head) or bathe in a sitting position without needing embarrassing assistance to get in and out of the tub.

The best bath benches are those that have built-in soap and shower head holders, and, of course, are built from rust-proof materials. Also made for bariatric bath safety, bath chairs operate on a similar principle, but the user needs to step into the shower or over the edge of the tub. Both chairs and benches must have cushioned grips to hold to wet floors as well as porcelain tiles. Neither benches nor chairs need the user to get into the tub.

Almost anyone, overweight or not, can use from anti-slip treads placed in the shower or tub. Non-slip treads are very safe and provide traction for tubs and showers, but can also be used on stairs, railings, ladders, stools, laundry room and in the bathroom. Choose a brand that is mildew-resistant and easy to clean.

Most brands of bariatric safety equipment are built to support persons weighing up to 650 pounds. Bariatric safety devices can be economical, practical and easy to use. They give the extremely overweight a new independence in personal care and make daily hygiene possible.

If you’re plus-sized, you probably have trouble resting on an average-strength mattress. Fortunately, modern mattress design has manufactured bedding that allows people who weigh as much as 700 pounds (280 kg) a restful, relaxing and refreshing sleep.

A suitable bariatric mattress must:

  • Support up to 1,000 pounds (400 kg) body weight, including both the primary user and a sleeping partner.
  • Control pressure, moisture, sheer, and friction in order to prevent pressure wounds to the skin.
  • Come with a removable, washable cover, and
  • Provide the body support by pumping air into the mattress rather than with springs.

Why do the unusually overweight need a bariatric mattress? A good night’s sleep is very important, of course, but if the person is unfortunately confined to bed for illness for even a few days, the right kind of support is very essential to prevent bedsores from forming.

A bedsore starts as a blister, or sometimes it may be an open sore that does not extend through the skin.

If it is recommended to stay in bed, and if the cover of the mattress is rough or the pressure supporting the mattress irregular, the blister may become an ulcer. Bedsores can get aggravated and invade muscles, tendons, joints, or bones.

A good bariatric mattress helps to prevent bedsores. If there is no rough friction, if the entire body is well supported, and if infectious microorganisms are not allowed to accumulate, bedsores are not likely to occur.

It is also necessary, of course, to avoid friction from other sources, such as crumbs in bed.

A bariatric mattress is not just about a good night’s sleep. Choose a bariatric mattress to stay healthy and whole irrespective of how much time you spend in bed.

Also, when shopping for bariatric equipments, don’t forget bariatric chairs.

What Is Bariatric Equipment?
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