What is Lutein?
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What is Lutein?

Lutein is a carotenoid with yellow and orange pigments. It is found in your usual vegetables and fruits. A Chinese diet will increase your intake of lutein. Although it is important to understand that you may only be assured to benefit through supplements.

Food is cooked at high heat and our nutrients are lost at a considerable level. If we can supplement our diets with Lutein, then we can reap the benefits. The benefits include maintaining hearth health, eye health, and muscular health as well.

Lutein serves in preventing arteries from being clogged in our necks, which would prevent the top reason why heart-attacks take place in the first place!

Many studies have shown the individuals who have lutein in their blood are less likely to show any signs of clogging of the arteries.

Some studies have observed this over an 18 month period and it is clear that patients with lutein display healthier arteries that lower the risk for any heart or disease related unhealthy arteries.

As far as eye health, lutein will help prevent cataracts. It also allows for better absorption of blue light, which can be damaging to the retina of the eye if lutein is not maintained in our body.

On a muscular level, your body operates better when muscles are functioning on a healthy level. Muscular degeneration will put our bodies through more stress and make these much more difficult to manage. Again, this is why lutein is absolutely important to our everyday diet.

How Much Lutein Do I Take? Which Lutein Is Best? Where Do I Get It?

It is important that we at least get 6 mg to 12 mg per day of lutein in order to assure better overall healthy heart. Higher doses of 30 mg or more are usually more desirable. A lutein vitamin will help maintain a sufficient amount in our daily diet. Even better, finding a good lutein brand to incorporate into our diet will be ideal.

A pure high quality brand is FloraGlo. It claims to be the leading patented formula of purified lutein. It is a pure product from marigold flowers. This brand of lutein is double as bioavailable then the richest sources of vegetables. In other words, it is double more likely to get into your blood circulation. Where do I get it? Check the evitamins link below.


What is Lutein?
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