What Is Peritoneal Cancer And How Can You Prevent It
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What Is Peritoneal Cancer And How Can You Prevent It?

While I am writing this article, I am completely aware that most people must have not even heard of the term peritoneal cancer before. The reason is fairly simple- most of us are unaware of the fact that there is something called a peritoneum wall that exists in our abdominal cavity. The peritoneal wall is an organ which is susceptible to a rare type of lethal cancer that could go completely ignored. The peritoneal cancer can however be prevented from ruining your life.

All you need is some knowledge on what it is and some tips on how to recognize and fight this disease. In line with that, here is a piece of information that I have compiled which in turn could be of immense help to you:

What Is Peritoneal Cancer

This was my first response when I began my research on peritoneal cancer. It seemed obscure that being a woman (and thereby being at a higher risk of falling for the disease), I had not ever heard of it! However, my ignorance as well as that of many other’s of my gender seemed understandable given the fact that the organ called peritoneal wall itself skips a registry in most minds.

Most of us actually do not know that a thin wall of epithelial cells called the peritoneum exists inside the abdomen, which covers the uterus and extends over the bladder and rectum. This peritoneum basically produces a fluid to lubricate the organs in the region and thereby keeps them going. Peritoneal cancer then stems up in this region and hangs around unnoticed. Consequently, peritoneal cancer is usually detected when it has reached its final stage of development.

Peritoneal Cancer Symptoms

The symptoms of peritoneal cancer are only obvious during later stages of development. By then, the cancer has been fully developed. The early symptoms could be too insufficient to lead to concrete results without proper medical help as they could be vague and clashing with other trivial disorders like: abdominal pains and discomfort, nausea, changes in bowel or bladder habits marked by constipation, diarrhea, frequent urination, loss of appetite, swelling in the abdomen due to build up of a fluid known as as-cites, unexplained vaginal bleeding, and so on.

What Is Peritoneal Cancer And How Can You Prevent ItThose with a family history of breast cancer or women who have peritoneal ovarian cancer are at a greater risk of developing peritoneal cancer. On a general note though, the complication is rare in young people. Peritoneal cancer is more common in females and very few men are affected by it.

Peritoneal Cancer Treatment

If any of the above signs persist unexplainable beyond two weeks, you must get yourself thoroughly examined for peritoneal cancer.

The only way to secure yourself against peritoneal cancer (or any other form of cancer) then is to stay alert to even the slightest of bodily repercussions against the normal functioning. An oncologist could examine you very well for the complication and the sooner the situation is recognized, the better would it be to evade its ill-effects.

In some individuals, cancer can be a ghastly medical condition. It is full of physical and emotional upheavals for the sufferer beyond doubt but the best guard against it lies with us. We simply need to remain alert and informed. That way, reducing the chances of contracting peritoneal cancer as well as combating whatever little damage that has been done would become far simpler.

What Is Peritoneal Cancer And How Can You Prevent It?
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