What is the Best Equipment at the Gym for Losing Weight?
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What is the Best Equipment at the Gym for Losing Weight?

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Okay so you are trying to lose weight. You have a gym membership and you spend an hour there every couple of days. You want to make sure your time there is producing results. So which piece of gym equipment is the best for losing weight? It’s a good question.

The treadmill vs the other options

When it comes to weight loss most women just choose the treadmill. They spend hours upon hours running on the spot in the hope that it will burn their glutes and thighs and get rid of those tuck shop wobble underarms.

How would you feel if I told you that the treadmill might not be the most effective way to burn fat? Would you be disappointed for all those lost hours? Well don’t be. You should be excited as now you know there is a more effective way.

And that is the truth, there is a better option. The treadmill is not the best way.

Two rules for choosing weight loss equipment

When it comes to weight loss exercises there are a couple of simple rules that you need to remember.

  • The harder the better
    The harder the exercise is, the more intense it is, the higher up it gets your heart rate – the better it is for weight loss. That’s right, 99 times out of a 100 the intense cardio will burn more fat than a slow paced alternative.
  • The more muscles the better
    When you are trying to choose a good weight loss exercise it is a good idea to choose one that involved a lot of muscle. For example, kickboxing uses your legs, knees, elbows, hands and so on and as such it will burn more calories than just running with your legs.

With these two simple rules in mind we will move on to looking at what piece of gym equipment is the best for losing weight.

What is the best equipment at the gym for losing weight?

I will go through the more popular pieces of weight loss equipment at the gym and talk about their pros and cons. At the end I will tell you which on is the best of all.

The elliptical trainer1. The elliptical trainer
Elliptical trainers meet one important requirement; they use a lot of muscles. You don’t just move your legs, you also move your arms in order to make it move around.

But one question we need to ask ourselves – is it hard? Is the elliptical trainer all that intense? Not really. The main reason the elliptical has become so popular is because it is so low impact. It is easy on the knees. But when something is easy on the knees it is usually not very intense and as such not that fantastic for weight loss.

The rowing machine2. The rowing machine
Rowing machines are one of the best pieces of equipment at the gym. They give you a full body workout, and, unlike most other pieces of equipment, they use the large muscle like your back, abs and legs in every single stroke. I am often shocked at how rare it is to see people using the rowing machine at the gym.

This machine is also fantastic because the movement is based around the upper body instead of your legs.

The stair climber3. The stair climber
The stair climber is a challenge. Every time you step on this machine your lower body gets punished, and, if you do it right, you will be feeling the pain for many days to come. So it meets our first requirement of being intense.

But does it use lots of muscles? That depends. Some stair climbers use the arms and other do not. If your gym has one that requires you to use your hands then yes, it meets all of our requirements for being a fantastic weight loss exercise.


The truth is there is not one best piece of equipment. It depends how you use them and how much work you put in. However, if you forced me to choose just one I would probably choose the rowing machine. It is a fully body cardio workout that will really kick your butt.

What is the Best Equipment at the Gym for Losing Weight?
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