What is the Manliest Sport
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What is the Manliest Sport?

This is a tough question that would be answered differently by very tough people. If some athletes that play sports that aren’t mentioned in this article and disagree with me, don’t take it too hard. I’ll watch my back anyways.

I think that the top manliest sports are: Football, hockey and chess (recognized as a sports by the Olympics). While the third one might be surprising, I’ll show you why it’s not. Let’s get to it.

1. Football

What is the Manliest SportSweaty pads, hard hits, complex strategy and cheerleaders dancing around you. This is an obvious choice for a top manly sport. But is it the most manly sport? Probably not, there are things about football that make it unmanly. Seriously close touching.

Plus all the manly aspects of football can be found in other sports too. Maybe on a less extreme level, since football is so commercialized. The commercialization actually takes some of the mystery out of it, and thus, some of the manliness. Another less manly aspect is that the players don’t have to be very well rounded (except of course the linesmen- get it? Well rounded?)

This might mean that football is the manliest sport in general, but definitely not for the individual players.

2. Hockey

Hockey is just as manly as football, and more. It has all the hard hitting and tough aspects, but with an extra punch. Literally, players are expected to fight; to drop their gloves and swing some punches. Your teeth got knocked out? Oh, pity, well you did your job. Hockey is even faster than football, and players need to be even more well rounded.

Endurance is an extremely important part, and teamwork is more important than anything else. So put in your mouth guard, strap up your skates and get punching away. But seriously, hockey is so fast that most people can’t follow it at all. If you didn’t start playing or skating as a child, it will be a huge challenge to start.

3. Chess

I’m being completely serious. Although this is not a physical game (Stephen Hawking can play it), it defines a man more than any other sport. And as I mentioned before, the Olympics classifies chess as a 100% sport. To understand why, put yourself in this theoretical situation, in a chess player’s seat.

The clock is ticking… A bead of nervous sweat drips down your face. You stare at your Russian competition as he takes a swig of vodka and grunts. You need to beat this guy. Your country depends on it. You try not to get intimidated. You have to restrain your physical anger. You move a piece. Checkmate. You won. Now didn’t that feel great to beat a Russian in chess? You know it did. Congrats, you just played and won in the manliest sport.

What is the Manliest Sport?
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