What To Eat Before And After Your Workouts
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What To Eat Before And After Your Workouts

What To Eat Before And After Your WorkoutsMany people are confused about what kind of foods they should be eating before and after their workouts in order to help boost muscle growth, shorten recovery times and get the most out of their training.

I think most people know that it’s not a good idea to train on an empty stomach, or indeed a bloated stomach, but they don’t know which foods will fuel their workouts the best.

So if you can relate to this yourself, you might want to take a look at the infographic because it lists some of the best foods to consume before and after your training routines:

As you can see, it recommends foods such as dried fruits, fresh fruits, banana with peanut butter, whole grain cereal and granola 30-60 minutes before your workout, and foods such as eggs, protein shakes, fruit smoothies, cheese and crackers, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt after your workout.

However it is worth remembering that this infographic is just a guide to some of the foods that are available to you.

There are several other foods that you could consume before and after your training that will be equally as beneficial, such as oatmeal, tuna or salmon sandwiches, tuna or chicken salad and grilled chicken with vegetables, for instance.

You might also want to check out some of these meal ideas that I found if you are looking for a few more meals and snacks that you can eat on workout days.

What To Eat Before And After Your Workouts
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