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Why Resveratrol Is Worth A Try

There is one common thing that you can find in plants such as eucalyptus, lily, and spruce. It is the same thing existing in foods like groundnuts, mulberries, strawberries, and blueberries. However, it is more known to be found in red wines and grape skin extracts. Furthermore, it is proven to have a lot of benefits to the human body.

Reserveage Organics Resveratrol 500 mg - 60 Veggie CapsSince 1997, it has been used as a cancer-preventive agent. Through tests, it was discovered to have anti-cancer activities demonstrating three main phases of carcinogenesis. It has been shown to prevent the initiation and development of cancer and act as a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) to normalize proteins participating in cell cycle and DNA synthesis. It has been proven to produce no adverse effects as well, even at a high concentration intake. Therefore, resveratrol can potentially be used as an alternative therapy for inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Researchers have also found resveratrol effective in reducing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. One may consider this as good news since the occurrence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is related to diabetes mellitus, hyper-triglyceridaemia, and obesity.  Oral administration of resveratrol also significantly repressed the boost of trans-aminase, alkaline phosphatase, aspartate trans-aminase, serum alanine, and bilirubin levels. Hence, resveratrol may be able to provide liver protection.

Aside from these, resveratrol is also good for one’s eyesight. Researchers from Missouri have discovered resveratrol can control angiogenesis and thus inhibit the abnormal growth of blood vessels that are harmful to the vision. One may not worry of this now but being that vision is considered the most important of the five senses, might as well take care of the eyes now.

Also, males can benefit from resveratrol. Since there is a big possibility for testosterone to deteriorate especially when one enters the thirties, one needs to boost it up, and resveratrol might be of help. There is a Korean study that determined the improvement of blood testosterone concentration by more than 50 percent through a month-long consumption of resveratrol.

Most importantly, resveratrol can help sharpen the mind. In Illinois, researchers found out that mice that received resveratrol supplementation resulted to having better memory function and improved mental performance as a whole. This cognitive boost is because resveratrol can increase neurological blood flow, and this can help improve the brain as discovered by researchers in United Kingdom.

With all these benefits, it can be said that resveratrol works like magic. It has a lot of advantages and clearly its consumption is healthy for the body. One may not realize it now, but it is important to start taking care of one’s health rather than to try curing a disease. Since you can find resveratrol in many foods, might as well include them in your diet. Resveratrol supplements are also available if you feel that your diet is not enough to provide for your body’s needs of the chemical. Obviously, resveratrol works in so many beautiful ways that it is worth a try.


Why Resveratrol Is Worth A Try
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