Quality over quantity when training
Weight Loss

Why the “Quality over Quantity” Principle Applies

The Principle Applies to Workouts, Weight Loss and Almost Any Other Thing You Can Think of!

Although the quality over quantity expresses a kind of ancient wisdom, most people who train or want to lose weight have the misconception that quantity is the key. If training muscles makes them grow strong and big, training them more will make them even stronger and bigger. The same way, people who are on a diet think that lowering calories will help them lose weight fast and healthy. Unfortunately, both these conceptions are wrong, and potentially harmful to the body.

Quality over quantity when training

Many people who do workouts regularly have the impression that doing long, frequent ones is the most effective strategy. Therefore, they work two hours every day, seven days of the week, usually repeating the same routine over and over again.

However, this might be the most inefficient workout strategy of all. And the reason is simple: when you continually train your muscles without allowing them enough time to rest and recover, the muscle tissue tears and the body’s energy levels are drained. In other words, such workout doesn’t kelp the muscles grow bigger and stronger, it just fatigues them.

A smarter strategy would be to rest between workouts and offer your body the necessary nutrients to recover properly and regain its strength. Instead of working out every day, you should insert some rest periods once in a while, to allow the muscle tissue to repair itself.

Quality over quantity when trainingRest is one problem, but another one is doing long workouts. A short and intense workout is considerably more effective than long, moderate ones. Keep training sessions 30 minutes long, and let your muscles rest properly between workouts. This way, the tissue will have time to recover and the body’s energy levels will also return to their normal.

Finally, variation is also important. If you always do the same routine, you do not allow your body to grow and become stronger. You have to increase the workout intensity and change the type of workouts you do regularly. This way, your body will never get bored and never have the impression working out is too easy. If it is too easy, you should increase the intensity. However, don’t forget to alternate intensity levels and rest properly. You can also help your muscles to rest by training different muscle groups every time.

To conclude, a smart, short and intense training session will certainly bring the best results.

Quality over quantity when following a weight loss diet

When it comes to weight loss diets, the principle of quality over quantity applies again. In fact, the quantity of calories going in is not important, but their quality. A Harvard research showed that the most efficient weight loss diet was one that focused on the quality of the carbohydrates people ate instead of their quantity. Furthermore, this type of diet was also the healthiest of all.

Our grandmothers and grandfathers always said that quality is more important, and this conception is not limited to training or losing weight. After all, it’s better to know a few important things than to know a lot of useless ones, or have a few quality relationships than many unsatisfactory ones. So, focus on quality and you will reap the benefits.

Why the “Quality over Quantity” Principle Applies
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