Wii Fit Biggest Loser Bundle Review
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Wii Fit Biggest Loser Bundle Review

The hit TV show The Biggest Loser has inspired millions of people to, get up off the couch, and take an active role in doing something about their excess weight. While the TV show is very inspirational, a lot of people wish they could also participate in the workouts at the ranch under Bob and Jillian’s direction.

Wii Fit Biggest Loser Bundle ReviewNow you can do just that with The Biggest Loser exercise bundle for Nintendo wii. It comes loaded with 88 exercises and 50 healthy recipes featured in The Biggest Loser Cookbook. It’s very smart to combine The Biggest Loser wii diet and wii game together, so that you can have easy access to both. All workouts take place at the famous ranch you’ve come to know and love.

The exercises will work your upper and lower body, your core area, plus there’s cardio and yoga. So, there’s literally no excuse not to do some type of exercise routine. Of course, you’ll have the guidance of Bob and Jillian, in digital form, encouraging you along the way. However, if you think that this is just a biggest loser wii game like so many other fit programs for this platform, then you should know that it’s main purpose is to promote physical fitness through working out.

Don’t get this if you are more interested in game play, because there are other wii fit programs more suited for that. When you watch the show, you know that the contestants are not allowed to skip workouts, or to take it easy. This is similar. You must be committed to wanting to do these workouts. For fun, they’ve included lots of challenges, and a weekly weigh in.

The good news is, you’ll have it much easier, because you can choose between 3 levels of intensity. You can choose: Light, Intermediate, or Intense. The contestants on the show don’t have this option. So, it’s great if you are just now getting back into physical activity, and want to start off on the easier level.

Some minor complaints about the wii biggest loser bundle is that it tends to be a bit repetitious and boring for some. And, there are a few complaints about the graphics and lack of personalization. It’s true that you are stuck choosing a former Biggest Loser contestant to act as your on screen stand in. Also, for those who love Jillian, you won’t get too much of her brass “in your face” attitude in this version. It’s heavy on the Bob side of things.

Still, if you want to begin doing energizing workouts just like the contestants you see featured on the TV show, this is a great way to get yourself moving and dropping off some real weight. The wii balance board is optional for this game, but if you use it, it will record your weight loss and calories burned.

Basically, this wii fit game is much more interactive and easy to use than many other wii fit titles out there. And, any benefits you get out of it will be a direct result of the amount of effort you put into using it on a regular basis.

Wii Fit Biggest Loser Bundle Review
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