About Wild Harvest Videos

Wild Harvest Videos (formerly wildharvestvideos.com) was the brainchild of Mrs. Rita Chiappetta whose energy and imagination have propelled the company to national prominence. Wild Harvest Videos, Inc., is a very successful company which produces, promotes and markets nine videos and three Master Chef’s Collector sets of tapes on the care and cooking of game, fish and seafood.

chiappetta_familyWHV was the brainchild of Mrs. Rita Chiappetta whose energy and imagination have propelled the company to national prominence. All WHV videos are produced by Jerry Chiappetta seen here with Rita and their “staff” — Birdie, Moe Moe and Gracie.

The videos and Chef Milos Cihelka’s award-winning recipes have been used as educational training materials at the American Culinary Federation where future chefs are trained. Student chefs were given course credits for studying these tapes which have won unanimous high praise from the nation’s cooking editors, outdoor writers and other reviewers.

“From the field to the feast, nobody does a better job of showing sportsmen how to care for and prepare gamebirds than Chef Milos,” said Pheasants Forever reviewer Ben Streitz. “With his proven methods you can prepare wild game fit for a king!”

The viewer isn’t merely told how to prepare and cook game and fish. He is shown step-by-step by the Gold-medal winning chef how to age big game animals and as well as upland gamebirds and waterfowl. You learn when to pluck or skin your wild birds, how long to hang game, how to butcher big game like a pro, how to keep your fish fresh, how to fillet fish, how to identify fresh fish in a market (if you can’t catch your own!), and how to cook it all in a tasty, healthy fashion.

All of the WHV productions were sponsored by Browning Co., of Morgan, Utah.

Meet the Chef

Milos Cihelka, C.M.C.

chef_milosChef Milos is one of only 60 certified master chefs in the U.S.A. and he was the first and highest scoring master chef in his group. Gold Medal Certified Master Chef Milos Cihelka is your expert in the Wild Harvest Videos cooking tapes. He leads you step-by-step through healthy but tasty game and fish dishes. This master chef and master teacher brings cooking alive with delicious, creative, easy to prepare and tasty recipes. Go wild in your kitchen with Milos as your guide and see how an eye-opening video is so much more exciting than just a cookbook.

He shows us all the steps necessary in the proper handling of game and fish from field to table and from the hook to the cook.

Food Editors Give Chef Milos Rave Reviews

Chef Milos won three coveted Gold Medals at the Culinary Olympics in Europe. He also lead a team which won 38 Gold Medals in international competitions climaxed with the winning of the Grand Prize in Gold at the Olympics.

Chef Milos is one of only 60 certified master chefs in the U.S.A. and he was the first and highest scoring master chef in his group. He is also an experienced sportsman who has hunted and fished throughout North America and Africa.

Membership in professional associations:

Member, Senior Judge, Past Director: American Culinary Federation
Member: American Academy of Chefs
President Emeritus (founder, past president, founder of Cooks Apprenticeship) – Michigan Chefs de Cousine Association
Member: The Golden Toques.
Member: Board of advisors – Oakland Community College

Current Involvements:

  • In partnership with acclaimed cinematographer Jerry Chiappetta to produce Wild Game preparation and cooking videos.
  • Produced 26 half hour television shows for Time-Warner’s Outdoor Life Network.
  • Currently writing new cook book and a monthly column for “Woods and Waters” and “Observer and Eccentric” Newspapers.

Food Editors Give Chef Milos Rave Reviews!

Wild Harvest Video Set”These are more than just recipes and ordinary cooking tapes. The chef has many additional suggestions, insights and downright delicious ways to prepare game.”
— The Ruffed Grouse Society Magazine

“With easy manner and dry humor, Chef Milos encourages improvisation and helps the viewer feel comfortable about preparing gourmet meals with confidence.”
— Versatile Hunting Dog Magazine

“In these informative and entertaining videos…Chef Milos shows how to properly care for game in the field, when and how to skin or pluck birds…and how and when to age upland birds, waterfowl and much more.”
— Ducks Unlimited

“A great service and a great addition to anybody’s culinary library…”
–The Educational Institute, American Culinary Federation

“Makes wild game fit for a king…”
–Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“These tapes are the best ever on the subject…”
–Outdoor Life

“He covers everything from identifying the sex of lobsters to pan-frying stream-fresh steelhead trout and making pots of polenta…”
–The Detroit News

“Chef Milos is a joy to watch…”
–Detroit Free Press

“Learn successful WalleyeTactics for both big and small waters…”
–Bass Pro Shops Spring Catalog

Wild Harvest Video Set”Cook like an expert…”
–Staton Island, NY Advance

“Innovative…makes you a better cook…”
–Sports Afield

“Bring the thrill of the hunt into your family’s kitchen…”
–Pennsylvania Game News

“Takes the hunter from the field to the table…”
–The Advocate

“A unique series of videos to educate consumers on buying, handling and preparation of fish and seafood…”
–SeaFood Business Magazine

“Chef Milos combines the love of hunting with the joy of cooking…The visual quality and pacing are good…fine for your hunting/cooking collection…”
–The Book List Reference Books Bulletin

“He cooks real man food…Each recipe is meticulously followed and Chef Milos does a great job explaining each step…”
–Traditional Bowhunter

“These videos take you from the field to the kitchen covering everything from preparing venison to freshwater fish (with) recipes that are simple and not hard to duplicate…”
–The Pointing Dog Journal

“From the hunt to the kitchen, Chef Milos has it all covered…”
–Minneapolis Star Tribune

“These tapes instruct hunters who are unaware that careful field dressing, proper handling and aging of game are all critically important to having good food for their families…”
–SHOT Business Magazine

“I guess we shouldn’t be surprised anymore when Videographer Jerry Chiappetta produces another classic…”
–Outdoor Life

“New videos instruct hunters on innovative ways to prepare game…”
–Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“Milos Cihelka is not only a master chef but an avid hunter and outdoorsman (whose) recipes stress enhancing not disguising the flavor of meat…”
–The Knoxville News-Sentinel

“Here are great gifts for anglers or anyone who enjoys eating fish…”
–Progressive Farmer, Rural Sportsman

“Browning, Wild Harvest Videos, Chiappetta Productions and Master Chef Milos Cihelka have teamed up to offer videos packed with terrific how-to advice…”
–Bowhunter Magazine

“Recipes are presented on the screen (and) Chef Milos explains pretty well what he’s doing. ”
–Video Librarian for Libraries

“REAL WORLD DEER HUNTING will make a fine refresher before shouldering your bow or rifle for whitetails this Fall …Jerry Chiappetta, producer of ESPN Outdoor series, shows his own excellent methods for taking deer…”
–Sports Afield

“Chef Milos shares secrets in video series…”
–The Observer Newspapers

“Chef Milos is a culinary genius in preparing game…”
–The Oakland Press

“Wild Harvest videos (are) a nice addition for hungry hunters…Must-see videos offer a myriad of good tips for aging and preparing wild game…”
–Grand Rapids Press

“Here’s a series of terrific programs that every outdoorsman ought to have…”
–Hunter Education Instructor Magazine

“Thanks to Browning and well-known video producer Jerry Chiappetta you can now view award-winning Chef Milos Cihelka’s game preparation and cooking mastery…”:
–Whitetail Bowhunter Magazine

“Hunters who know their way around the woods but not the kitchen, should check out the new series of high quality video tapes produced by Jerry Chiappetta…”
–Southern Outdoors Magazine

“This game is best left to the experts…Milos Cihelka, a chef and a bowhunter… a guy who knows his top sirloin from his shoulder meat…”
— The Baltimore Sun

“… a way to bagging trophy meals…”
–The Spokesman-Review

“Had a decent trout season? Got a freezer full of fish? This video (COOKING FRESHWATER FISH) shows how to make delicious use of your salmon, crappies, whitefish, catfish, trout and many other species…”
–Sports Afield

“Chef Milos is doubly qualified to star in this series by virtue of being a dedicated hunter himself…”
–Michigan Out-of-Doors Magazine

“Milos Cihelka is a culinary artist who looks at a carcass the way Picasso must have looked at a blank canvas…”
–Detroit Free Press

“You can have a ‘salmonchanted’ evening (as) Master Chef Milos Cihelka demonstrates how to prepare walleye sautéed in hazelnut crust and more…”
–Video Alert Magazine

“Venison: Healthy & Tasty is loaded with demonstrations for preparing venison and other big game…”
–Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

“A step by step guide from field to table in caring for and preparing gamebirds and small game…plus…tips and recipes for quail with wild grapes, braising rabbit and squirrel with white wine, grilled waterfowl and roast pheasant…”
–Bass Pro Shops Christmas Catalog