Making wise food choices is the quickest way to lose weight
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Making wise food choices is the quickest way to lose weight

Making wise food choices is the quickest way to lose weight, and one of the most important things you can do to help boost your weight loss efforts. When I talk about ‘food choices’, most of you will probably immediately begin thinking of what you shouldn’t eat rather than what you should, and also about how much less you need to eat.

Because of the negative programming we’ve had over the years, just thinking of words like ‘diet’ or ‘fat burning food’ conjures up thoughts of restriction and denying ourselves the foods we love.

So, to help you to start looking at dieting and making healthier food choices in a more positive light, let’s take a look at some weight loss foods which you not only can, but should include in your daily eating.

Spicy Foods: Science has shown over time that eating spicy foods will immediately rev up your metabolism. This means that your body will actually burn more calories than before without you doing anything more than what you would normally be doing. Granted this is going to be a small incremental increase, but when you’re trying to lose weight, even the small things add up.

Now, keep in mind that many people can’t handle a lot of spicy food, and if this describes you, take heart. Just know that the more spicy food you eat, the more you can tolerate, so it may take you a few times before you can get used to the heat. You can start off with something simple like sprinkling a small amount of crushed red pepper on your grilled chicken breast which will help boost your metabolism a little bit. Then, as you become more accustomed to spicy foods, you’ll be able to add in hotter items such as jalapenos or the grand-daddy of them all, habaneros.

Green Tea: Another great choice to add to your list of fat burning foods to help you lose weight is green tea. Not only does it have a great, refreshing taste, it also has a naturally occurring chemical called EGCG that has been proven to boost your metabolism in the same way caffeine does, but without increasing your heart rate. Green tea also provides you with a nice gentle boost to your alertness, much like coffee, but with a bit less of a jolt.

Lean Protein: A recent study out of Denmark showed that men who replaced 20% of their carbohydrates with lean protein saw a 5% boost in the amount of weight they lost. That’s a fairly simple change to make, and one that will probably leave you feeling much more satisfied after each meal. For many people, the biggest reason they’re not losing weight is the lack of protein in their diet. Some great choices for increasing your lean protein are chicken, turkey, salmon and tuna.

Lifestyle change is all about small incremental adjustments which eventually lead to a total nutritional make-over. The above fat burning foods can be added to your diet today and with very little to no inconvenience, and it’s the best way to lose weight a little bit quicker.

Making wise food choices is the quickest way to lose weight
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