Women’s Fitness on Focus: Try Pole Dancing and Be Fit and Sexy
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Women’s Fitness on Focus: Try Pole Dancing and Be Fit and Sexy

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Pole dancing has been existent for decades already. It has been an art and a form of exercise done specifically by women. In the early days of pole dancing, there is a connotation as to what is it and the underlying morality with the movements and the venue of performance. It was associated with seduction and sexual provocation as these were performed by the dancer-commercial sex workers in bars and cabarets. Today, pole dancing is not confined to the sexy women who dance seductively for the eyes of men in the cabarets. It is now regarded as a good form of fitness work out open to everyone of all ages and sizes.

What is pole dancing as an exercise?

Pole dancing is a type of workout that promotes body toning, endurance, muscle strength through a dance and some athletic poses done with the aid of the pole. As an exercise, it is perfect for women who want to really experiment on their sexual sides while at the same time getting a moderate to strenuous work out. The other benefits of pole dancing includes improving coordination as well as flexibility. There are specific moves designed to improve the contour and tone of areas such as the arms,the legs as well as the lower back.

Who can do the exercise?

The work out is specifically for the people whose age ranges from 21 to 45 years old. However, it depending on the goal of the student,any age from 12 years old and up can avail of these pole dancing classes. To those who are 45 years old and above, this is poorly recommended already as falls may be too hazardous for those whose bones are already brittle.

What are the gears or the uniform to use?

As much as possible wear as little as you can. Skimpy shorts as well as a sports bra is already enough to get the work out started. Make sure not to apply any lotion to any body parts as this may be slippery and may cause injuries.

What is the fitness level?

Pole dancing starts with a series of stretches, then series of movement and climbing.  This will be followed by posing, twirling and other moves that are incorporated into some other dance moves. It involves a lot of muscle strengths and is recommended to be done 2-3 times a week. The fitness level depends on the capability of the student and the number or training she has attended. The fitness level is being adjusted to the level of the student or the dancer.

This exercise is really empowering. It also liberates the woman’s inhibitions every after session. It is a skill training as well as a form of exercise and a past time.

Women’s Fitness on Focus: Try Pole Dancing and Be Fit and Sexy
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