Workout Routines For Men - Kettlebell Training
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Workout Routines For Men – Kettlebell Training

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Workout Routines For Men - Kettlebell TrainingFirst things first. Although many workout routines for men come and go, kettlebell training is not a fad. Originating in Russia centuries ago, this form of training with weights is used for hundreds of years to simulate real world physical movements.

Today’s modern Kettlebells come in a variety of weights, typically measured in pounds, ranging from 2 kg to 80 kg (5 lbs to 175 pounds). The standard Russian kettlebell is 1 pood, which is approximately £ 15 or 16 kg. If you haven’t seen one before, imagine a ball of iron with a handle attached.

I’m using kettlebells for a couple of years now, as they fit perfectly into my fitness philosophy that convenience is paramount. Although you wouldn’t want to pack them in your luggage, kettlebell sets are relatively inexpensive and can be used at home.

You can make the most of kettlebell routines with only one or two different sizes of kettlebells. Moreover, if you have a gym membership, you probably have access to a rack kettlebell.

Kettlebells is a great method of using ballistic movements to mimic the movements of the real world. they are a dynamic and functional way to combine both cardiovascular and strength training, as well as they are nearly as versatile as free weights of modern day dumbbells, so they can be used for an incredible variety of exercises instead of weight lifting routines.

In this post, we will look at my favorite routine kettlebell and how you can incorporate it into your existing fitness routine.

WORKOUT goals: Strength training, core conditioning

Duration of exercise: 45 minutes

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Cardiovascular warm-up 10 minutes of your choice.

Two-Hand Kettlebell Swing x 50

The first exercise is the simple pendulum. The back straight and you’re back, shoulder blades hold the kettlebell between your legs with both hands, with the feet must width apart. Starting with your knees slightly bent, the kettlebell swing until is at eye level and bring it, then back down between her legs.Is that a representative.

One Hand Kettlebell Swing x 25

Same as above, but start with the kettlebell in one hand.How do you bring it back down in between your legs, switch hands and finish with your other hand.Is that a representative.

Clean and Press x 25

A position slightly squatting with your feet shoulder width apart, hold a kettlebell in each hand, letting them fall between your legs with the back of the hands that faces another. Explode upward with kettlebells, bring them to your chest as you would with a wave of biceps, rotating handles for kettlebells are out of your hands with your fists together shoulder level. Bring the kettlebells up over your head.Bring them back to the starting position and repeat.

One-arm Kettlebell Snatch x 25

From a squatting position with your feet shoulder width apart and keeping the kettlebell with one hand between her legs. beginning on the hips, initiated an upward swing on kettlebell until it is directly overhead, pushing and driving it up as your arm vertical approaches above the shoulder and straighten legs. Bring the kettlebell back to the starting position and repeat on the other side is that a representative.

Close grip Kettlebell Pushup x 25

Find a kettlebell large enough to have a good amount of flat surface on the floor, put both hands on claws, extending your legs and spread your feet shoulder width apart. Perform push-ups with both hands on the handle.

Cardiovascular cool 10 minutes of your choice.

I hope you can work this routine of kettlebell on your fitness plan. Certainly think it to be a fun way to incorporate strength conditioning on my system and I hope you do as well.

Workout Routines For Men – Kettlebell Training
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