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We thank you for taking the time and for being interested in writing an article for Planet Supplement. We love editorial content, articles and commentaries about all things related to general health – including supplement, diet and exercise reviews.

Who Do We Invite To Write For Us?

Write for us – Submit a Guest PostIf you can produce top quality, well written original articles that are interesting, informative and relevant to our site then we want to hear from you.

Note that all submitted articles will be run through copyscape and subjected to a manual review prior to acceptance. You should also ensure that the body of the text includes supporting links.

Authors are welcome to include one NON-OPTIMIZED link in the author by-line but any optimized anchor text links will be NOFOLLOW.

Categories Of Articles

We have provided a list of acceptable categories on our website so before you ask to submit an article, please check this list. However, be aware that articles and posts written purely to support a link won’t be accepted. We also ask that you write in a way that is interesting and informative for our readers. You can write in either the first or third person. Note that articles and posts which rehash old information / topics without adding anything new or unique, or writing about topics that are too general in nature, will not be accepted.

Share Your Expertise

It is the aim of Planet Supplement to provide a site where people can learn about all health and well-being related things. To this end, we’re committed to making Planet Supplement THE place where general health experts in this field can share opinions, dispense advice and information, and generally help to educate others. Therefore, we request all articles and posts are written with this in mind – to provide useful, interesting, educational information for our readers.

  • All submitted articles and posts will be reviewed by at least two people and run through CopyScape to ensure that it conforms to our policy with respect to unique, one of a kind content.

Guidelines For Editorial

  1. Content of Article
  • Your article needs to be 100% unique. It may not have previously been published, either in original or modified form, on your, or any other, blog, website, article marketing directory or any other public platform.
  • All articles / posts are required to include supporting links within the body of the text. If you send us an original piece of work that does not have any links to support your information, we will search for these ourselves prior to publishing your work. We will however discuss this with you first.
  • Photos, pictures or drawings always work great with articles and in fact we recommend that you do include them whenever possible. However, if they are not your work or you do not own the copyright to them then please ensure you have appropriate authorization to use them and give credit where credit is due.
  • Articles must be between 600 and 3000 words.
  • You are not permitted to modify and/or publish the same article or post anywhere else. If we discover that you have done so, we will delete your article from our site.
  • We do recommend that you consider sharing your article on social media sites – Twitter, Digg, Google+ and so on for maximum publicity.
  • Please use correct English including such mundane things as good spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and appropriate capitalization.
  • If we accept your article or post, we reserve the right to change or correct any grammatical errors prior to publishing.
  • Whilst it’s not imperative, having Google+ Authorship will mean we give your work higher priority.
  • Self-serving and promotional are OUT. We will not accept any articles or posts that are written purely to promote or that are clearly self-serving.
  • Same deal for negative, illegal, profane, pornographic or rehashed content. We will not accept it.
  • One of the best ways to make sure your article reads properly and makes sense is to have someone read it back to you or read it out loud to yourself. We highly recommend you do this prior to submitting it to us.
  1. Order Of Article
  • Your title. When coming up with a title for your article or post, it should tell your readers exactly what your article / post is about. It should attract their interest and draw them in, make them want to read more.
  • Your text. Remember that your readers will be reading this online, meaning that most will scan the article. Therefore, break the text up into short paragraphs of around 6 lines. Use bullet points if possible. Consider using underlined or bold text to emphasize important points. Avoid excessive use of capitals because in writing, this equates to shouting.
  • Your images. Don’t have any? No problems. We’ll find suitable ones for you. If you do include your own, ensure you give credit as required or have permission to use them.
  • Your author byline. All articles must have an author byline. If your article is submitted without one, we’ll email you and ask for one. We also require you to submit a head-shot of yourself and we’ll be checking it for authenticity so keep it real.
  1. Our Link Policy
  • We will not limit the number of related and essential external links to other relevant sites and information in your article / post but we will no-follow any and all optimized anchor text links – no exceptions. We will also not accept payment to include optimized links.

Submitting Your Article

Articles and posts can be emailed to us at support@planetsupplement.com

Publishing Time Frame

If we decide that your article or post meets our specifications it will be published and go live on our site within 7 days. Good quality articles may even go live much sooner, as quickly as within 24 to 48 hours. Once we’ve published your article, we’ll email you the link. If we decide not to publish, we’ll also let you know via email, and also why we’ve rejected it.

We will be promoting your work on our social media sites so we do ask that you return the favor and share the link to your work on our site on your social media sites.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll find that we are very easy to get along with. If we like what you write, and we feel it adds value to our site, we may ask you to make more contributions, which will give you more exposure.