You Too Can Start A Fitness Model Workout Regimen
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You Too Can Start A Fitness Model Workout Regimen

You Too Can Start A Fitness Model Workout Regimen

You were not born into that body. You realize that, don’t you? Certainly you do. You were a newborn once and you grew into the body you have today. And that body, the one that has confronted you in every change room mirror since, has more to do with your diet and physical habits than it does with your genetic makeup.

You see celebrities and models smiling at you from the fronts of magazines with their firm flawless bodies and you ruefully contemplate how lucky they are. Sure, while they might be lucky to be 5’11” or lucky to be classically beautiful, or lucky to be gifted, one thing that has nothing to do with luck (for ANY of them) is a firm flawless body.

A firm fit body is a direct expression of diet and physical activity. While that may well sound like an accusation, it isn’t. On the contrary it is a promise of what’s possible, not for the lucky few, but for everyone.

## A decent workout regimen will yield results, whoever you are.

Anyone who starts a strenuous exercise routine and sticks to it for any appreciable length of time will start to see results. Anybody, no matter what age or shape they’re in. It is physiologically impossible to strenuously workout on an ongoing basis and not see results. Physical results aren’t magic, they’ve nothing to do with luck, or karma or even attitude; results are the inevitable outcome of physical exercise. If you put in the work you’ll see the results.

## The better the workout the better the outcome

You’ll ultimately see tangible physical results from any exercise regimen or intense physical activity you work into your everyday life. That being said, a poor or ill-conceived workout program will not yield the same level of results as an excellent program but it will still yield results.

For the best results do your homework before you start to ensure you are going to get the best results from your efforts. For example the kind of fitness model workout that Jennifer Nicole Lee embarked upon in 2003 allowed her to shed 70 pounds and become a fitness celebrity.

## When you start seeing results you start to see yourself in a different way.

Lots of women experience a real light bulb moment the first time they see physical results from an exercise regimen. Suddenly their bodies are not something to cope with or control but instead something to capitalize on. When you are able look at your body and start to see it as an untapped opportunity, everything starts to look a little different.

## How to make the most of your opportunities with good nutrition

Once you start to see results in the gym you’ll be inspired to revisit your diet. After all seeing results are addictive. One of the best things about following a strenuous workout routine is that it allows you to eat and still see the sort of results you’d never see with diet alone. You will not have to be focused on every little calorie instead you can focus on simple healthy nutrition. Diet and physical exercise together when done right yield better results than either can on their own.


You Too Can Start A Fitness Model Workout Regimen
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