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How is the Zach Ertz workout evolving to meet the demands of his rising football career? Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz is a great believer in making time for fitness regardless of what your profession is. After beating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, and with a reputation to uphold, he also made sure his workouts were more thorough than ever.

Off Season Zach Ertz Workout Ensures He’s Ready To Meet The New Season

When you’re a Super Bowl superstar off-season doesn’t mean sitting back and taking time off! Most of these highly tuned athletes view it as a time to reflect on the season just past and come up with plans to address any holes in their performance. Zach Ertz is no different. After 6 years in the game, he knows what it takes to stay at elite level, and what the next season is going to throw at him. So he makes a point of focusing on staying healthy.

Zach Ertz Workout - 3Further, he points out that as a tight end he needs to be able to do a bit of everything. That means being able to run routes well, block, pass-protect, and run after making a catch. Therefore, the Zach Ertz workout routines have evolved to provide him with the all-round flexibility and strength he needs to be able to do all of these things.

However, he doesn’t just do these routines for the sake of doing them. Each one has a role to play in his overall performance. He not only makes sure he is moving correctly and safely throughout each one, but that he’s focused on the entire series of movements required to perform it.

What’s Involved In A Zach Ertz Workout?

A series of low repetition, high weight back squats with bar bells help him develop the explosive force and strength needed to dominate opposing players. He does 4 sets of 3 reps, and 3 sets of 2 reps with increasing weights on the bells. However, he also makes sure he can control the weights he’s lifting so as to avoid putting too much stress on his body and joints.

Zach Ertz Workout - 2Split squats with barbell hone his ability to generate force and explosiveness from the ground. Notably, the split squats build up single leg strength, giving him the flexibility to meet the unexpected on the football field. Tight ends also need strong, flexible hips and Zach makes sure his are exactly that with some glute bridges, first both legs then single leg reps. A resistance band adds intensity to the routine. He also does planks to maintain core strength.

Football players also need plenty of upper body strength unless they’re one of the ones that weigh in at around 300 pounds and are somewhat reminiscent of unmovable objects. If they’re not, they have to develop enough strength to turn unmovable objects into moveable ones and Zach does that with bench presses. He also uses the exercise to simulate the pushing he needs to do to move those 300 pounders out of his way!

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Yes Zach Ertz does work out like mad but it is this secret addition to his diet each day that appears to be assisting him with maintaining the power and the strength he needs to stay at the very top of his game.

To be continued …

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